This was the Tidewater Southern Railway freight depot in Hilmar (Merced County) in the 1940s.  Hilmar represented the southerly most terminus of the rail line.  While trackage right-of-way was acquired and roadbed work was performed beyond Hilmar about another two miles to the Merced River, a bridge was not constructed across the river and tracks were never laid.  Similar to the other revenue structures on the railroad, Hilmar station was the collection point for much of the area farms' fruits and vegetables that were transported by rail; at least until the condition of roads improved, then transportation by truck became the primary mode to move freight.

(Photos: Top - Unkwn photographer, Hilmar Station, 1940ish.  Second - Gerald M. Best, Hilmar end-of-line, April 18, 1951.  Third - Sike Ertandson, Hilmar, 1917.)


 The photograph above captures the Tidewater Southern Railway gandy dancers laying track in 1917 in the Hilmar area.