ALCO RS-1 (Road Switcher)

TS 747 (Builder #77171) was built in October 1949 by the American Locomotive Works (ALCO) as a road switcher for the Spokane International Railroad (SI #205), but on the Tidewater Southern Railway the diesel-electric locomotive functioned as main power road engine.  It was rated at 1,000 horsepower, utilized GE 731-D traction motors, had a tractive effort of 59,970 lbs, and a maximum designed speed of 60 mph.

During the Union Pacific Railroad acquisition of the Spokane International Railroad in October 1958 , the locomotive was renumbered to UP #1216 and painted to UP colors.  It was retired from the UP/SI in December 1969.  In February of 1970 the locomotive was acquired by the Tidewater Southern Railway from the Chrome Crankshaft Company and renumbered to TS #747.  It retained its UP colors for a short time then repainted to the green WP scheme.

TS #747 was retired from the TS in August 1975, sold and scrapped to the Purdy Company, Ewing, California.