Suburban Tank Type 2-6-2T

This photograph is a sister locomotive of Tidewater Southern Railway No. 1 (the first #1).  The Tidewater Southern locomotive was built in January of 1882 by the Central Pacific Railroad (Builder #18) at the Sacramento, California shops, and numbered No. 235.  The locomotive had 48-inch drivers, weighted 80,100 lbs, and had a tractive force of 15,000 lbs, it was intended for commuter service.  When the Central Pacific Railroad transitioned to the Southern Pacific Railroad, the locomotive was renumbered to S.P. No. 1506.  The Tidewater Southern Railway purchased the locomotive on July 7, 1912, where as T.S. No. 1 (first) it was used in the initial construction of the new rail line.  Steam power was used initially, because electrification of the T.S. was not completed until 1913.  The locomotive was retired from the T.S. in 1917, probably sold to the Howard Terminal Railway (as their No. 1) of Oakland, California.