American Locomotive Works (ALCO) S-2 Switcher

(Photo: H.C. Allen, Stockton, March 27, 1967.)

Tidewater Southern No. 745 (first) is waiting in Stockton for its maiden trip on March 27, 1967, with Conductor H.C. Allen and Engineer Sy Black.  Although the diesel-electric locomotive was factory designed to function as a switcher, on the T.S. it served as a prime mover on the main line.


No. 745 (First)

Tidewater Southern No. 745 (first) was former Missouri Pacific Railroad No. 1047/9129 (Builder No. 76774, built in May of 1949); it sold in 1967 to the Tidewater Southern Railway via P. W. Duffy and Son.  T.S. No. 745 (first) was sold (traded) in July of 1970 to the Western Pacific Railroad (second W.P. No. 552) for the second T.S. No. 745.  In August of 1970, W.P. No. 552 (second) (T.S. No. 745, first) was sold to Chrome Crankshaft. 

(Photos: Top - Sid Vaught, location and date unknown.)


 No. 745 (Second)

Former Western Pacific Railroad No. 552 (Builder No. 70207, built in August of 1943) was sold to the Tidewater Southern Railway in July of 1970, and renumbered to T.S. No. 745 (second).  It was retired on December 20, 1976, and sold to the Stockton, Terminal & Eastern, and cannibalized over time as a source of parts for its own fleet of ALCOs.  In early 2008 the ST&E scrapped its ALCOs including T.S. No. 745.  T.S. No. 745 (second) was the last Tidewater Southern Railway locomotive.

(Photos: Top - Marty Bernard, ST&E Stockton, September 8, 1977.  Second - David Epling, ST&E Stockton, May 10, 2004.)